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Brand Design & Strategy

Your presence of your logo  and creative elements on the internet is a reflection of your professional business image.


Social Media

Staying in constant contact with your loyal customers, finding new customers and increase brand awareness.


Important tools used to track customer behavior and traffic data into actionable intelligence.



By making certain changes to your website design and the content will make your site more attractive and rank higher in the search engines.


Strategically writting relevant ads or content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person to take a particular action.

Consulting & Support

Remote login for technology support advice and, computer IT solutions, social media ad assistances and strategy.

Web Design

Custom create a website or update your current site for the best functionality for your brand.

Email & Messaging

Effective marketing strategies for email & text message marketing.

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So you know you need to be on the internet and on social media, Facebook ads,  Google ads, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook Stories, Instagram etc. Then there’s tracking code to get analytics.  But where do you start?  What is the best platform for your business?  Already running ads that are not converting? Let us help you get results you are looking for.  We will explain the benefits of Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics as well as running ads to increase awareness and profit!

Success Stories

The SE Region of Ohio has been using Snyder Solutions social media and advertising services.  The Facebook advertising for screening events in the counties we serve has helped increase the number of women getting screened.  Three of the counties that have been advertised have filled days before the screening was to take place.  In years past two of the counties would have minimal turnout for offered women’s health screenings.  A constant Facebook presence has helped to keep women informed of the importance of screenings.

Susan Haas

Breast & Cervical Cancer Project

Snyder Solutions has done an amazing job with our Facebook Page management, Emails, Monthly Calendar & Newsletter!  Highly recommended!!

Dover Moose #707

Tuscarawas County Scanner started out as a hobby for me. Creating a website so I could listen to my scanners.  My facebook page and website listeners quickly grew.  I currently have 20 admins who volunteer time to post and inform the community as they unfold.  Snyder Solutions has helped me convert and older website to a nice clean news theme site.  They helped me get a logo my followers love. With this new site I am able to post stories to my site as well as my Facebook page.  The have done a wonderful job in staying in contact with me and has given me great ideas to help my business profitable. I will continue to work with them to further upgrade my site with alot more features to come.

T County Scanner


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