Day: August 13, 2020

Google Analytics for Small Business

Are you a small business owner or nonprofit organization looking for ways to make more money? More often than not, small businesses and nonprofits have limited budgets and resources to devote to marketing. Small business owners already wear multiple hats.
Google Analytics is a free tool and fairly easy to use once set up. You will be able to answer many questions about your target market, pages people visit, how people got to your site, were they using mobile or desktop, how long did they stay on your site, what location and age are they and much much more.
You can create different reports. Reports will provide you with insights about your visitors- age, location, device just to name a few. These reports will help you determine how you market and enhance the user experience. When you have a base idea of who your ideal customers are and where your customers are located and which content gets the most visits, you can improve your site and ad campaigns based on these reports. Not to mention it will help you improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by creating better targeted content and get better visibility and more leads through organic reach.
Track your eCommerce metrics and utilize them for more sales. If you are selling physical products, software or online services the sales report is a great tool to use to help create more sales and strategies. Adding a search box on your eCommerce site is a great idea, you can create a report that show what products or items that have been searched on your site. This can help with future products or ideas as well.
The best part about Google Analytics is that it is free. A free tool that you can use that is very powerful and has many benefits. It is easy to use and the data that you collect is customizable to your needs, helps SEO and more.
If you are ready to get access to all this amazing data and help grow your business then reach out to us today!

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