Day: September 23, 2020

Facebook Share Images




It is very important that your image and description you use for sharing that represents your post or company looks good.  Make sure it has good clarity and the right size with help make your posts look professional.  After all it is representing your company. If the tags are not the correct size  it looks crappy and unprofessional.  Ever see a share link and the image is really big and blurry or doesn’t match what the post or article is about?  That is what having your og tags correct.  What is an OG tag?  OG stands for Open Graph meta tags, so what is that? By integrating open graph meta tags into your page’s content, you can identify which elements of your page you want to show when someone share’s your page. For example, you could use the og:image tag to specify what image you want Facebook to use when your page is shared.

The recommended size for an OG image is 1:91:1.  The recommended pixel is 1200x630px.  So this would explain why some share images are very large and blurry because they are using the wrong size image. There are also many tags you can specify Facebook to use when your page is shared.  There is the Title, Type, Description, Image, url….. these need to be unique for each page that is shared or for each blog post or article.