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Both Google and Facebook Ads are two incredibly powerful advertising platforms that have many options that cater to every type of business.  When you look at each platform on it’s own, they both have their own strengths.  It is also apparent that the two should be viewed as complementary to each other.

While both platforms have some similarities, but they independently show you that Google and Facebook should be used together for the best interest and benefit for your business growth.



New or Small Business
$500.00 *
  • Create Facebook Page or Audit Existing
  • Create Google & Facebook Ad Account
  • Create Pixel & Analytics Code
  • Google My Business
  • Full Website/Landing Page Review
  • Keywork Research
  • Negitive Keyword Research
  • Create and Research Targeted Audiences
  • Call Out, Site Link and Call Extenstions

*This is for new business. There will be additional charge for any advanced options. (installing pixel & analytic codes on websites or landing page, product catalog, eCommerce set up etc.)

Facebook & Google Management

$150.00 / month *
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Google Ad Management

*Ad management pricing starts at $100.00/mo each or $150.00/mo. for both.  Minimum of $150.00 a month Ad Spend. There is a 3 month minimum- to be used with in 1 year. Feel free to stop, pause, or restart ads at any time. You can also increase or decrease monthly budget whenever you want.

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