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If you are trying out digital marketing for the first time and are unsure if this is something you want to do continuously, then we offer a 1 month Road Test option.  This is designed for small business owners that want to try online marketing for the first time. 

We will set everything up for you, and run 1 basic ad on Google and  1 basic ad on Facebook for 1 month.  We will then prepare a report and meet with you to show you just how well your ads did. 

There is no commitment! Never any long term contracts! 

If after the one-month trial, you want to continue then the 1 time set up fee of $200.00 will be waived.  You will then continue on a minimum 3 month commitment to be used within 1 year. 

The Cost for the 1 month Road Test is $600.00 that includes $150.00 in Ad spend for the month.

If after the 1 month road test, if this is something you do not see value in then there is no commitment.  But one of the best things is that in the future if you do decide to do some digital marketing then all the set up work is already done and in place. 

One of the best parts of having your Facebook pixel and Google Analytics code set up is that it will constantly build audiences that we set up and track what activity that you have on your website and Facebook Pages.

Road Test

1 Month Trial
$650.00 /one time fee*
  • Set up Facebook & Google Ad Accounts
  • Set up Facebook Pixel
  • Set up Google Analytics Code
  • Set up or Update Google My Business
  • Create 1 Facebook Ad
  • Create 1 Google Ad
  • Set up Targeted Audience
  • Set up Keywords & Negitive Keywords
  • Includes $150.00 Ad Spend
  • Prepared Report after 30 days

*If the Road Test Option is chosen and you would like to continue after the 1 month trial,  the one-time set up fee would be waived.

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