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Dedicated to Quality

We work hard to make sure we have the skills and expertise to produce reliable solutions the first time.

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We stay on the cutting edge of the technology to ensure your systems adapt to future needs.

Customized Benefits

Your systems will be designed specifically for you. No one size fits all here.

Proactive Solutions

Staying proactive ensures the reliability your business needs to stay focused.

Video Security Solutions

Surveillance systems have been along one of the top growing industries in the last few years. Whether it’s to detect crime, prevent loss, monitor performance, or just for peace of mind, a strategic video security system will cover all of those areas. 

     Our system engineers are trained by the top surveillance companies in the world. We analyze your scenario and produce a solution that is custom tailored for your exact needs. Let us show you how we can produce a quality solution to fit your business.

Access Control Solutions

How secure do you think locks and keys are? The answer is real simple, they’re not! Keys can be lost, stolen, or copied at almost every hardware store. Locks can be picked or broken very simply with the right tools. Access control systems mitigate those uncertainties.

     Access control systems are easily controlled and monitored. Lose an ID card, no problem, deactivate it and issue a new one. Worried that a card has been cloned, still no problem, only allow access when that user is supposed to be there and the system monitors in and out access. If that user requests access in twice without requesting access out, alert security personnel. An authorized user provides his/her id card to an ID reader. The reader accesses the RFID encoded chip inside the ID card. It relays the RFID chips information to a computer that identifies the user. The system checks it’s rules for access. If granted access, it sends a signal to an electronic lock that unlocks the door while deactivating the security contact for a short period of time, allowing the authorized user access. It’s like having your own security guard without the human error. 

Incident Control Solutions

Does you business deal in sensitive items? Is there a possibility that you would need to contact authorities without alerting anyone else? Incident control solutions provide a way to for the authorities to respond to a threatening situation with absolute minimal chance of detection. 

     What happens to your threat level when you have an life threatening incident and you pick up a phone to call the authorities? Do you tell your perpetrator “hold on a sec while I contact the police”? Probably not your best option! Now, if you are in a threatening situation and you can simply contact the authorities by a discreet, undetected manner where they can respond with minimal interaction. Your threat level is kept at a minimum. We can’t stop an incident from happening, but if one were to arise, we can surely help you minimize your threat level. 

Data Security Solutions

In today’s technology even the most sensitive materials are digitalized. Credit card numbers, bank accounts, social security numbers, medical records, drivers licenses, etc. How many of the above examples does one need to create an impact on your personal life? Without the correct security procedures in place, a simple computer virus could put a big impact on your life. 

     Our security experts understand how big of an impact these situations can have on you. We have been trained by leading security experts in the industry to help you keep your sensitive data safe. From a simple antivirus solutions to full scale system penetration testing, we have the right skills to help aid in your digital protection. Let us help keep your information safe from unwanted access.


What we do to make sure your business keeps running!

Network Monitoring

Our active monitoring system allows us to make sure your business stays up and running.  24/7 Monitoring from our mission control stations watch for any issues that arise in your network so we may correct the issues before they put a big impact in what is most important to you.....Your Business!

Threat Management

Threat management is a vital piece to ensuring the continuance of your business.  Our Threat Management professionals are trained to ensure your business is protected.  We actively monitor, patch, and maintain the strict policies that will protect your PCs from potential threats.

Cloud Backup Services

Our Cloud Backup Service allows you to relax knowing that your mission critical data will be there when you need it.  Our secure offsite backup services will make sure that your business will always recover from what could be a crippling disaster.  Keep your business running strong in all circumstances!