Security Solutions


Full Surveillance Systems

HDTV Image quality regarding of the lighting conditions and size of the characteristics of monitored areas.

  • Clear images up to 4K image resolution

  • Smooth movement- objects are clear

  • Progressive scanning

  • Works in any light



  • Lower Cost- Fewer Camaras

  • Camara's can cover 360 degrees

  • Less cabeling

  • IP Camaras connect to existing data network

  • Records video

  • Sends alerts with problem or situtation arises

  • Extends easily

Easy and Efficient Surveillance for Peace of Mind


Video Management

Video management software features intuitive user interfaces that make it easy. Just drag and drop to customize your interface with live views, maps, website display and more.

You can receive notifications on your mobile app or computer. And it’s simple to add action keys to help you operate the system and take action when you need to. Simply put, Axis video management software gives you effortless control from anywhere.



Simple Video Software

  • Available anytime, from anywhere

  • Peace of mind in your pocket

  • Real time alert notifications

  • Record onto an SD memory card in each camera

  • Easily expand your system

Optimized for Powerful Surveillance & More

  • Protect Your Premises

  • Network Speakers-interact with staff or intruder

  • Network video door stations-remote entry

  • Easily mask objects or bystanders

  • Mobile viewing app for remote monitoring


Protect What Matters