Analytics & Reports

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel codes generate analytics to explore to see what your audience is doing. Reports are generated by the results of your online marketing.

Google Analytics tracks website activity and provides you with detailed data about your website visitors and . This give you valuable insight into what’s working on your website, and what may need to be changed or updated. Your website will generate traffic and will be in search engines. Using Google Ads will help bring your listing to the top.

Facebook Pixel is simply a tracking code that is installed on all pages on your website. The pixel collects data and allows you to take your advertising to the next level. We will create and build audiences from this data that can be directly used in advertising and re marketing campaigns. You can show targeted ads to those who already visited your website, Facebook page, watched your videos, engaged or took some kind of action.  Re-target those that are most interested in your services.  This is essential to making more sales and keeps your brand in front of existing and potential customers.  Re-marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business!

We use Google Tag Manager to manage all your codes in one place and set up special conversions based on your needs.

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