Systems Administration


System Administrator

Our System Administrator takes care of your user accounts, permissions, access rights and storage.  We can troubleshoot, configure and install any hardware, software and network problems.

  • Install, configure and maintain servers and networks

  • Oversee system performance and troubleshoot issues

  • Ensure high level security and efficiency

  • Monitor & maintain network servers

  • Server backups

  • Installing hardware & software

  • Resolve issues with computer and server systems

  • IT support

Backup, Recovery = Peace of Mind

Voice Solutions

Reduce your phone bill, connect remote offices, reduce 800 number phone costs, web conferencing services, deliver faxes (pdf) and voicemail to inbox, instant messaging and text chat, web chat from your website and unlimited users and much more.  Call us today for a free estimate on what we can save your company monthly.

Disaster Preparation

Whether you have one computer, multiple computers or more than one server we can backup all your data.  We comply with all FERPA, GLBA & HIPPA.  If there would be data lost, recovery is security!  We give our customers a peace of mind that their data is backed up.

Data Protection

The threat landscape used to be black and white.  you kept the bad stuff out and the good stuff in.  Now it’s harder to tell the good from the bad.  With new threats emerging and ransomware evolving you need security that is smart, optimized, and connected. Worry free business security services that are simple, complete […]


Keep Your Server & Network Healthy


Monitoring Network Health

When your company relies on a network server, it can be easy to forget about server maintenance. Devices like laptops and smartphones tend to hog the attention, along with the internet connection itself, making servers the middle children of any office setup. Left to their own devices, servers can deteriorate gradually before failing suddenly – potentially taking a company’s entire IT infrastructure offline in the process.


Remote Monitor Management System

Intuitive remote monitoring and management has become essential to today's workforce. With the growing need for a proactive approach we are able to mitigate issues before they arise. Proactively tracking antivirus, windows updates/patches, server health, and much more. This allows your business to continue running smoothly.

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Remote Support

  • IT Management

  • Patch Management

  • Server Management

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Website Monitoring